Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pantai Penarik

Pantai Penarik

Pantai Penarik is located within a recreational area frequently attended by the locals. There seemed to be a camping ground and probably some motel rooms here too. The water is fantastic and the view of traditional fishing boats docked at the beach by the local villagers is something you could treasure.

The beach tends to get very breezy because of the open sea. From here, the visitors can catch a glimpse of the famous islands off the coast of Terengganu - on the far left are the Perhentians, sitting in the middle is the small island of Pulau Lang Tengah, and far right is the world-famous Pulau Redang. There are a few food stalls here, plenty of picnic benches and ample parking spots.

Where to stay
  • Kembara Resort  
  • Nelayan Inn  
  • Penarik Inn  
  • Merang Suria Resort

Where to Eat
  • Terapung Restaurant
  • Merang Restaurant (Sutra Beach Resort)
  • Mamat Latif Coffee Shop
  • Ayu Restaurant

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